Smart Reader VET

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  • Smart Reader VET
  • Smart Reader VET
  • Smart Reader VET


Smart Reader VET

Smarter workflows with CR7 2.0 automation to make your work more relaxed

  • Multiple dental stations running off a single scanner
  • Increased workflow
  • More dental examinations

How to use

  • 1.Assign the image plate
    The iM3 Smart Reader can be used to assign image plates to a patient in Vet Exam Pro.
    This puts CR7 2.0 in ready for image acquisition mode.

  • 2. Scan the image plate
    Now scan image plates from different patients in any sequence, one after the other.

  • 3. Assess the X-ray image
    Vet Exam Pro automatically assigns the X-ray images to the correct patients.

Smart Reader VET Setup

The new Smart Reader VET allows for increased dental workflows without the need for additional scanners. In this example two practitioners can work on separate stations, each has their own computer and their own Smart Reader VET allowing them to share a single iM3 CR 72.0 VET with maximum efficiency.

Contact iM3 or local distributor to discuss your optimal setup.

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