iM3 Service Team

  • Repairs - in and out of warranty
  • Annual servicing available on all iM3 equipment
  • Dental unit filter service and health & bacterial checks
  • Health checks for instruments, handpieces and ultrasonic scalers
  • Dental X-ray developer servicing and software updates
  • Dental X-ray generator servicing and test packs

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Email: | ph: 02 9420 5766

Competitive pricing worked out on case by case basis - Never overpay!

Have confidence your dental equipment is giving you 100% performance and efficiency.

  • Servicing all iM3 equipment
  • iM3 Direct service engineers
  • Direct support from the manufacturer
  • In-house repair centre
  • Expert and professional
  • The global name in veterinary dentistry!

(For non-iM3 equipment, please get in touch with us to confirm possibility.)

Please fill out this form either online or by hand and include it with your equipment when returning it.