Dental Bur - Gingivectomy Ceramic - 19 mm FG - Single

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Head size: 016

Cutting length: 5 mm

Autoclavable to: 135o C

Sold as single

Soft tissue trimming burs are designed for contouring gingival tissue. These specialized burs feature ceramic tips that help reduce bleeding during soft tissue procedures such as gingival contouring, uncovering implant sites, exposing deep cervical caries and other clinical situations that require reshaping or removal of soft tissue. Using soft tissue trimming burs allows you to work on soft tissues the same way you work on enamel and dentin, expanding your handpiece to even more clinical tasks.

This gingivectomy bur is used in the high speed handpiece at full RPM without water coolant spray to excise and contour soft gingival tissue with minimal bleeding. Unlike radiosurgery or electrosurgery, there is little risk of overheating the surgical site and compromising the bone.

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