iM3 P6 LED Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler

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iM3 P6 LED Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler is compact in size and high in quality with a working Freq.: 30,000 Hz.


The tip action is linear and the movement of the tip is used to remove plaque and calculus by physically scraping the tooth's surface and can be used for subgingival scaling 1-2 mm.


The bright white LED light ring built into the end of the handpiece illuminates the working area.


The P6 is foot pedal operated and comes with a built in power setting dial (1-20) that allows the power output to be set at their desired level.


Both the LED handpiece and tips are autoclavable. System includes four tips and one tip wrench and connects directly to the water system of any iM3 dental machine.


Pump up water tank with fittings (U2010) sold separately for standalone use.

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