Additional Tray for iM3 tables

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For busy practices you can use with either iM3 Lia, iM3 Shona or iM3 Tara Table, giving you an extra Dental Tray to use while your other tray is being cleaned.

Please note for use with iM3 Tara the TB0002 is still required.

The Dental Tray on the Tara has a curved design which gives greater comfort for the veterinary staff than the traditional ‘square’ tray. Using a grid that goes all the way to the edge of the tray rather than a mesh or holes to allow for more effective draining of liquids away from the animals head no matter what part of the tray you like to work at.

Removing the tray for draining and cleaning could not be easier. The tray detaches and reattaches with ease and yet remains amazingly stable when attached.
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