Pro X - Dental Treatment Centre

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  • Pro X - Dental Treatment Centre
  • Pro X - Dental Treatment Centre
  • Pro X - Dental Treatment Centre


The Pro X dental treatment centre can be configured to your own specification, you can select from a large range of options to create the ultimate dental treatment centre. No longer will you have to make do with “standard” configurations, iM3 will design and customize a system to meet your needs!

The treatment centre can include a Piezo or 42-12 Ultrasonic scalers, high powered LED curing light, electric surgical low speed motor, peristaltic pump for delivery of sterile saline, high and low speed handpieces with LED light, 3 way syringe, suction, intraoral camera, hand instrument tables, LED operating lamp, height adjustable operating table, HD display screen and the Revolution 4DC X-ray generator. Everything you needed for advanced dentistry in one customised treatment centre.

INDIVIDUAL – Flexibility through individual setup.

Select up to six instruments and other accessories according to your preferences. Adjust each instrument individually to preform to your specifications. When you work with the micro motor you have the ability to choose between three speed ranges. The amount of coolant used with the micro motor or handpieces can also be set to achieve the desired amount of cooling.


Focus on your work in the oral cavity and manage the unit, instruments (handpieces) operating table and light etc with the foot control. The instruments are placed over the patient within your peripheral field of vision. The instruments are balanced so that the handpiece cable and actuator arm carries the weight of the handpiece reducing fatigue for the user.

The Pro X is sets the standard for advanced Veterinary dentistry.

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